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About Us

Edward T. Tuten (NEAA)
Founder Edward Tuten is a
certified member  of The
New England Appraisers Association (NEAA), a non-profit, member-driven association, formed to support member needs  and serve the public by producing highly qualified and ethical appraisers who are recognized authorities in professional personal property appraising. In addition, Edward Tuten is an active member in the following antique and collectible clubs and associations:

  • American Cut Glass Association

  • Findley Glass Club

  • American Art Pottery Association

  • Early American Pressed Glass Association

  • New England Glass Association

  • Brooks Decorative Arts Trust

  • American Watch and Clock Association

  • Wallace Nutting Association

Who We Are . . .
Started 10 years ago as an personal property liquidation company, Team Estate Sales and Appraisal has grown into an accredited international company with an ever increasing credential base and experienced Team members. All appraisers are USPAP certified and the founder Edward T. Tuten, is an accredited member of the New England Appraisers Association and a member of the Claims Prevention and Procedure Council.

What We Do. . .

  • Estate Sales
  • Ebay Selling Assistant
  • Appraisals of antiques and residential personal property for insurance
  • Appraisals for repair and replacement
  • Damage claims
  • Appraisals for equal distribution in divorce and probate
  • Appraisals of gift items for charitable contribution for IRS
  • Appraisal reviews
  • Expert witness for cases in litigation
  • Appraisals for insurance on personal property, business inventory and equipment
  • Appraisals of office and business equipment for bankruptcy
  • Appraisals for collateral loans
  • Appraisals for dissolution of partnerships
  • Commercial damage claims for items in interstate shipments
  • Appraisals of large equipment often called "Yellow Iron"
  • Appraisals of business equipment used in production, manufacturing, and construction projects for resale and liquidation

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