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Downsizing, relocating out of town, or handling a loved one's belongings? TEAM Estate Sales takes the worry, the hassle and the work out of a task that is best left to professionals like us!

Estate Sales

The most successful estate sales require planning and meticulous attention to detail by knowledgeable, experienced estate sale professionals. With our team of estate sales professionals, we provide all of the resources needed to conduct a full-service, turn-key estate sale:

  • Consulting with homeowners, family, or executors prior to the sale

  • Researching and setting prices

  • Sorting and organizing merchandise

  • Pricing sales items

  • Displaying merchandise attractively

  • Advertising the sale

  • Conducting the sale

  • Post-sale clean-up

Estate Sale Fees:
Our fees are based on the content of the sale, the distance, the cost of travel, and the expenses of the sale.  Fees are based upon the dollar amount of the sale proceeds. 

  • 30% of sale proceeds (with a minimum of $3000)

Our fees apply to both local or out-of-town sales.  However, when we conduct sales over 50 miles from Memphis, additional travel costs of transportation, lodging and dining are applied and deducted from the sale.  Typically, out-of-town fees generally run 30% to 35% of the sale or higher, depending upon the sale location's distance from Memphis.   

In each case the fee and the schedule are determined by the family and Team Estate Sales prior to the beginning of the sale.

Payment Policy

We accept the following form(s) of payment:
MasterCard, Visa, Personal Checks, Money Order, PayPal*.

*PayPal is the preferred method of payment and will receive immediate attention.

About Estate Sales

Estate sales offer the entire contents of a home for sale. At TEAM Estate Sales, we understand that most individuals are understandably apprehensive about having their homes (or the home of a loved one) open to the public. Our clients have our assurance that the items they desire to sell will be liquidated in an efficient, professional and worry-free manner.

Our service begins with a free in-home visit to perform an estate sale evaluation. This evaluation is an honest assessment of the estate so that an informed decision can be made about whether or not an estate sale is the best tactic to dispose of goods for the best return. Our fee is a percentage of the total sale and runs 20 to 30%, depending on how much time is required before the sale.

Once TEAM Estate Sales is hired to conduct an estate sale, we begin preparing the house by organizing and pricing all sale items at fair market value. We advertise on the TEAM Estate Sales website, as well as other websites proven to attract eager buyers. And, we advertise the sale with local media and with attractive on-site signs – as well as signs to direct people to the sale.

On the day of the sale, we attractively display items for maximum exposure, and handle all the selling – from the early-birds to the stragglers. Our clients don’t have to worry about a thing because we are a full-service company. We also encourage bids and, with client permission, sell items on a bid basis. Our fee is based on the proceeds of the total sale, so it is to our advantage to sell your items at the highest possible price. This approach assures that everyone is happy with the result!

We not only ready the house for the sale, we tidy up after the sale ends. All items are removed and house is left broom clean. As a matter of fact, real estate agents often request our services because not only do many people see the house during the sale, but we also leave the house empty and clean!

There are several options for handling items that don't sell. We will help with packing unsold items that will be donated to charity or moved. We can even recommend the services of a designer to help our clients determine what to keep for the new abode!


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